Friday, 10 April 2015

Importance of SaveLast() in RunBase Framework

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RunBase Framework is widely used in AX. In this post, I would like to highlight the importance of SaveLast() function. Understanding of pack/unpack pattern is must to utilize this class in the most effective way.

SaveLast() is used to save the latest state of the class. That means even after the class is unpacked we can still update the packed state of the class.  

One common scenario where it is very useful is when we need to show the values of fields from the caller record on the dialog . In such scenarios this method needs to be called before the prompt() method . This way the packed state is updated with the latest values and in the dialog() method you can access the latest values. 

This can been seen in many standard AX classes which extend RunBase class

So if you are packing some variables, which you are also initialising in the main method and want to show on the dialog, then call saveLast() method before prompt() to get the most recent values.

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