Wednesday, 14 January 2015

AX2012 R3 : X++ code to start production order

Hi Friends,
The below X++ code can be used to start production orders in AX2012 R3 and R2 versions. I have not tested this in previous versions.

The values which we normally define on start screen can be assigned in the prodParmStartUp table buffer:

In the job I have set the automatic BOM and Route consumption as Never and have also turned off the post picking list and route card journal check boxes.

To use the code quickly here it is, the production order number and quantity are initialized in the _prodId and _qty variables:

static void prodStart(Args _args)
    ProdParmStartUp             prodParmStartUp;
    ProdMultiStartUp            prodMultiStartUp;
    ProdId                              _prodId = "W000034";
    Qty                                   _qty = 10000;

    prodMultiStartUp = ProdMultiStartUp::construct(null);
    prodMultiStartUp.insert(ProdTable::find(_prodId), prodParmStartUp);
    if (_qty)
        prodParmStartUp.StartUpQty                     = _qty;
        prodParmStartUp.PostNowBOM               = NoYes::No;
        prodParmStartUp.PostNowRoute              = NoYes::No;
        prodParmStartUp.BOMAutoConsump      = BOMAutoConsump::Never;
        prodParmStartUp.RouteAutoConsump      = RouteAutoConsump::Never;


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