Saturday, 8 November 2014

X++ code to change financial dimension when assigning Inventory Site

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It is good to find the out of the box available API's in Microsoft Dynamics AX, which can take the burden of writing some tricky code off your head. I recently found this API which can be used to link an existing financial dimension with the financial dimension defined on an Inventory site.

This is useful in scenarios where we create journals using X++ code and default/assign the value in inventory site field. This is a static method names changeDimension() available on InventSite table which takes the current financial dimension and the InventSiteID as inputs and returns you the merged Financial dimension. \Data Dictionary\Tables\InventSite\Methods\changeDimension()

A sample X++ code when creating an Inventory journal lines, to use this API would be something like this :
inventJournalTrans.DefaultDimension = InventSite::changeDimension(inventJournalTrans.DefaultDimension,'SITE001');

Inside this method you will find that system uses DimensionDefaultingService class to merge the dimensions.  

You will also notice in the comments that the dimension is merged only when the site link is enabled.
This means that if the financial dimension is linked to Site and the dimension link is locked then any transaction against this site can only be posted if the value of the selected dimension matches the value associated with the Site storage dimension. This setup form can be found at Inventory and Warehouse management -> Setup -> Posting -> Dimension link.

So if you are writing X++ code to assign inventory site to any table record which is also storing financial dimension then use the above API . This will make sure that the financial dimension value is merged properly during the creation of the record.

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  1. Thanks a lot! This saved the day!

  2. Great post! I just used this to build a new default dimension on my counting journal, and it worked perfectly!